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Hendrix Plaza

Clemson, SC

A tight jobsite in the middle of an active university campus, work consisted of regrading and replacing the existing plaza, planters, and walkways with new hardscaping, landscaping, and storm drainage.


Project Details

    • Imported Dirt - 2,000 cubic yds.
    • Storm Drainage - Installed and Tyed Into Existing System.
    • Hardscaping - New Plaza Areas, Planters, Engraved Paver, & Sidewalks
    • Landscaping - Installed 15 special boulders that had to be incorporated into the landscaping and precisely set some in excess of 3000lbs.

Note: During the project it was discovered that the backside of the Hendrix center was not waterproofed during construction. We excavated down to the footers and waterproofed the wall.